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Krasnoperekopsk celebrated its 80th birthday at September


Near the old lake was carried out geological reconnaissance expedition in 1931. It was decided to build a bromine plant (now PJSC BROM) and the future of the city laying. Near the new bromine plant there was a settlement, which was named – Bromzavod, in September 1932. This town was renamed Bromzavod Krasnoperekopsk after 5 years, in 1936.


Today the city Krasnoperekopsk is rightly called the industrial center of the Northern Crimea, and our factory PJSC BROM - the main enterprise there.


The holiday devoted to celebration of the City Day, lasted 3 days and took place in a friendly and fun atmosphere. The extensive program of entertainment has been planned and implemented for the residents of the city: various exhibitions and sports competitions, fairs, fun and educational contests for children and adults, etc. The concert program was also on the holiday: Russian pop star Julia Chicherina with own group with the same name came to congratulate the city this year.


The exhibition, which was dedicated to the city's industry Krasnoperekopsk, held at the Palace of Culture at these days. PJSC BROM  was one of the main participants of the exhibition. City residents have the opportunity to learn about the history of the bromine plant, its achievements in the global market and its contribution to the development of the industry, not only the Crimea, but the whole of Ukraine.

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Among the visitors of the exhibition and the booth of PJSC BROM, which arrived to congratulate the residents of the city with a wonderful holiday, was Filipchuk T.G. (Mayor of Krasnoperekopsk), as well as guests of the city: Demidov V.V. (Mayor of Armyansk),    Abdullaev A.R. (Deputy Chairman of Crimean Council of Ministers), Andrejev A.V. (Deputy of the Supreme Council of Crimea), Nechayev A.I. (Candidate for the people’s deputies of Ukraine in the 9th Election District), Krasnoperova V.A. (Secretary of Dzhankoy City Council).


Success and prosperity to you, Krasnoperekopsk city, and the health and happiness to all of your people!

Visiting the Exhibition Oil&Gas-2012


At the end of June, namely 25 to June 29, 2012, in Moscow there was an exhibition Oil&Gas-2012. The exhibition was dedicated to equipment and technology oil and gas industry. The event is a good opportunity of establishing business contacts.


The exhibition Oil&Gas-2012 - this event is a world-class exhibition and leading oil and gas complex of Russia. The area of an exposition made 30 000 sq.m. About 1000 manufacturing companies of the oil refining and oil and gas equipment took part in an exhibition from the countries of Europe, Asia and America.

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Visit the exhibition allowed the team to PJSC Brom get acquainted with the world trends and prospects of development in this area.  Also, the exhibition provided an opportunity to establish business contacts with potential partners to a lot of successful negotiations.

Our company took part at ChemSpec Europe-2012


A grandiose event in the chemical industry was ChemSpec Europe-2012, which was organized in the exhibition hall Fira de Barcelona Gran Via (Barcelona, Spain) at June 13th – 14th 2012. That is a leading exhibition of chemical industry, which has had place yearly since 1986. It was a step ahead for PJSC Brom, as one of the main tasks for the factory is being high strategy in the European market.


Public Joint-Stock Company Brom has presented the whole range of its products, including sodium bromide in pellets. Right before the presentation the company had done much successful work to get Reach preregistration for all the chemicals. The second stage is to get Reach registration for our products in EC countries.


Over 400 companies from 30 countries and more than 5000 delegates from 50 countries took participation in ChemSpec Europe-2012. Among the participants one can mention such famous companies as Albemarle Cо, ICL Industrial, Allessa Chemie, BASF, Bachem, Dottikon E. S., Dow Haltermann, Rhodia, Saltigo, Sinochem Corporation and others.

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Since the very opening and till its last minutes PJSC Brom’s booth was attended thickly. The main visitors were representatives of dealer chemical companies, oil industry, managers of big biocide, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical drugs factories, manufacturers of narrow fabrics.


Participation in ChemSpec Europe-2012 let Brom show its products to the key companies of Europe as well as other countries of the world. Talks and negotiations made by the company at its own booth and those of the participants, including our direct competitors, help us realize what products are in great demand these days, and that our products assortment can satisfy more than half requirements of bromine compounds in inorganic field.

We were able also to discover new directions of our new products usage, the products which are of big demand in European chemical market.

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We had perspective negotiations with a number of European trading companies, such as Norkem (Netherlands), Gamma Chimica S. p. A (Italy), Itoil (Estonia), Gold Mann (Germany), Resource Chemical Ltd. (UK). Some of the pharmaceutical companies were delighted to reveal for themselves our company and products, those were - Whyte Chemicals (UK), GE Healthcare (Sweden).

The exhibition ChemSpec Europe-2012 made it possible for us to get acquainted and converse personally with representatives of such world giants in bromine compounds industry as Albemarle and ICL-Group.

We would like to underline that sales crew of PJSC Brom has always strived for participate in specialized exhibitions or visit them in order to know market trends and foresee our customers needs. We have been in permanent seek of new decisions for highlight efficiency of our business and business of our partners in products, marketing and services.

PJSC BROM presented its products at EQUATECH-2012


Since June 5th until June 8th the 10th International Forum and exhibition EQUATECH-2012 took place in Krokus Expo International Exhibition Centre. The events were dedicated to the topic Water: Ecology and Technology. The participants were able to introduce their range of equipments and services, and the visitors knew the advanced developments, novelties and water technologies of the leading manufacturers of the world. The market trends were presented there as well.


This year PJSC Brom took part in EQUATECH exhibition for the first time. The visitors could see at our booth a number of products manufactured in our factory: iron trichloride hexahydrate pure and iron trichloride aqueous solution (both are coagulants for everyday and waste water), sodium bromide (used for biocides manufacturing and desinfectants for swimming pools and SPA).

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PJSC Brom booth was attended by a number of representatives of regional and Moscow companies, which are interested to work with us. Many people were surprised to know that there was a chemical factory in Crimea, Ukraine, working successfully in manufacturing bromides and ferric chloride, and it had been working long (in May it was 80-year celebration).

Our professionals who represented Brom at the exhibition had fruitful and quite promising talks with those companies which are engaged in designing, manufacturing equipment for water purification and treatment. Positive were the negotiations with representatives of a number of Russian water canals, including Mosvodocanal.

It is important to underline that one of the aims of taking place in the exhibition was achieved, that is meeting potential customers and showing them the advantages of our products.